Friday, March 28, 2014

About Nina Chen (陳妮娜)

Hi everyone, my name is Nina Chen, proud to say that I am dual citizenship of the most delicious food country,Taiwan, and the most rich of beautiful island,the country Philipine. Since I was 18, I started to read blogs, and it interest me, sad to say I dont have my own, but today is the starting day I will be writing my own blog. In my blog, I will be writing about "Into Life", anything and everything about life. Everyone has only one life to live in this big world, one life that might be a blessing to others. I do not know but I, of course  ,by writing this blog, hope to be a blessing too.  So much about life, lets move to the color of the life. I have so much passion about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travel/places and dogs! I will be blogging it too, just like what I said earlier, anything and everything about life. Readers, I hope I can give you something that is usefull, and as for me, to learn more and to up boost my mind and thoughts more. Thank you!

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