Wednesday, June 18, 2014


 I just love the semblance of this photo! I feel like I'm Jane that was lost at the Jungle. But where is Tarzan??

On a spur of moment, I just remember my PLAYBOY Leopard high cut rubber shoes. To be honest that rubber shoes is old. I bought it 3 years ago in Taiwan and until now I can wear it, its really durable.

 This is so effortless and hassle free look. I thought the easiest way to pair with my leopard high cut rubber shoes is a short ( actually what I'm wearing is a shorts,and the front is like skirt) and just a plain white polo.  Of course I still wanted to look sexy and still sophisticated so my polo is actually a see through-lace, and I have paired it inside a white polka dots tube. And just bring it on for some of your gold accessories that can resemble the leopard color.

 I tried my best to stand up properly and pose the right way, but this only I could do, it was not easy to climb up in this rock mountain??? Nobody told me to climb up, it was just for the sake to have cool photo. LOL


 I was actually in hurry after this photo, because its a cliff!!! I never thought too that Tarzan will really pop up on a sudden, that will be insane><
 My 3 years old  PLAYBOY shoes
 What do you think of this look? Well, as for me it is my one of my favorite. Look so chic and sophisticated plus the thing is its effortless. Leopard with a jeans and white top or even black , it could match up! Why not try!

 Boo! I am loving my sunnies of Sunnies by charlie!!! (400 UV).

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

1 Dress, 2 Looks

Who's girl doesn't love dress? Well, I haven't met one yet! I love dress and all the dress that could be my type. And I just thought, sometimes a dress can be paired with another clothes, for top is just like cardigans, bolero and scarf. For lower could be leggings or stockings. Well, pants too!!! Who say's can't?

As you see from the first photo I had, It is a dress. In this photo, I tucked it in to the pants and have some light pink with gold belt or pants. I used this belt so it would match from the gold accessories I'm wearing.

I was amused that I thought about this thing. I did not imagine that, that dress could be worn with pants! Wearing clothes and adding them to another clothes could be a new look.

I am not really fun of AVON. But this time I liked it!!! My friend let me see a brochure of AVON. Since I love so much bag, then their Goergina Bag catch my attention, because of it color! I call it Gold bag. I really love it so much, from the size to it style just fit me! Sad to say I know the color will fade. It is not expensive bag! I do take care of it since I really love it. I think I could wear it in any outfit.
 "Fashions fade, style is eternal."
— Yves Saint-Laurent

Yes indeed!!! You might be out of fashion idea but hey! Look at your closet and do mix and match, have your style!!!

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Monday, June 9, 2014


There are times I feel lazy to dress up so I ended up dressing simple. But on the other hand, I make sure it still look classy and edgy in any way. This outfit is very SIMPLE, just put them on with your sexy heels! As you can see, it looks so chick! In a way that you could catch other eyes. Wearing this kind of style also feel so comfortable.

A very simple Top dark blue sleeveless and pairing it with pedal jeans and rock it on through your heels!!! I did not put so much accessories, I only wore gold necklace and earrings. I intentionally did not put on belt since I wanted that I my body figure will be more clear. And hey! Sunnies is always with me around! SIMPLICITY!

And when the night time comes, you might feel cold, you can also top it up with a cardigan. Since my outfit is all dark (btw, my heels is color maroon), I suggest that your make up could just be simple. Hit it more on red or violet red lip color.

What do you think about this look? Hope you like it gals!! :)

Top (MANGO), Pants (Taiwan Night Market), Sandals (Charles and Keith)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Motor Chick (LookBook)

Every now and then, riding motor for me is very convenient. Since I am still residing here in Cebu Philippines until now, I have this baby scoopy wherever I go. So convenient! No traffic for me! Nevertheless it is still dangerous. So no matter how fast or slow I drive I make sure I drive safe. Safety first!!!

If I go to somewhere, like malls or meeting friends or going party, I make sure I dress up! It is not bad to commercialize being chick riding motor right? No, actually I love dressing up, so that is the reason why my friends call me as Fashionista. They knew me well, that every time I meet them, they know already my style the way I put on clothes.

It was daytime and its really sunny day. So I wanted to wear this metallic golden textured pouf skirt and pair it with my yellow skull stud top. Since I drive motor and too sunny, I wore it with see through black stockings just to protect my legs from sunlight and I wore my cardigan to protect my arms. After then I do not need cardigan when the sun is setting. So this look is chick for me since I drive/ ride on my motor. Keeping my skin protected from the UV rays too.

What do you think on this look?
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