Saturday, March 29, 2014

Summer Summer!!!

Aloha! It's summer time. What things pop up your mind every time you heard "Summer"?. The first thing pop up to my mind is "Hot and should be going to beach". Since Im currently staying in Cebu Philippines,   I can say that this place is one of the best summer place you can enjoy. Since Cebu is very popular island and one of the tourist spot in Philippines,  I can barely suggest you can try out this place for a summer fun vacation. Bohol island, the neighbor island of Cebu, is also one of the popular island in the Philippines.  Even though tragedy happened last October 15, 2013, Bohol stand up still and hope never fades from them. Many countries reach help for Bohol, so that is why they stood firm and still rise even there were great tragedy came, Thank God, He use people to touch other lives in that tragedy...
I went Bohol couple times, because of it's beautiful beach and kinded heart people, I can't forget the first time I went there was with my friend, she is actually from Bohol,  I spent summer there with her, she let me stay in their house at Sagbayan. Her family welcome me and treat me just like their daughter, I will never forget that. My friend bring me to many places, I forgot the names of the place but I just remember sagbayan peak. The second time I went there was with my Taiwanese friend, it was a tour package. We went to their historical places, churches and the famous Chocolate hills, of course the small monkey, actually its tarsier, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans and other foreign country call it small monkey.Our resort is Bohol beach club resort. It's was so hot but then a touch of the crystal clear sea, oooohh, it's just so refreshing! The third time I went was with my boyfriend, at Bohol divers club. It is located at the beautiful Panglao beach. It is a long way to walk at the seaside,  there are restaurants, bars, mini stores, diving shop, massage and spa and of course tattoo shop, actually it's a henna,  a temporary tattoo. Daytime you can enjoy the beach, riding banana boat and jet ski, and if you wanna see sea animal then snorkeling is available, Bohol divers club has a diving and snorkeling lesson,  which they also can give you a certificate for having a snorkeling and diving lesson. Night time, walking along the seashore especially with your love one is very romantic thing to do, of course restaurants are candlelighted with bands and the moon , gives a sweet light for everyone, .a very relaxing experience ! It's affordable and relaxing place to stay.
This summer 2014, Im still searching a beach place where there is something new to explore.
I hope by this topic, it can give you idea about Cebu and Bohol beaches. Bon voyage!!!

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