Wednesday, June 18, 2014


 I just love the semblance of this photo! I feel like I'm Jane that was lost at the Jungle. But where is Tarzan??

On a spur of moment, I just remember my PLAYBOY Leopard high cut rubber shoes. To be honest that rubber shoes is old. I bought it 3 years ago in Taiwan and until now I can wear it, its really durable.

 This is so effortless and hassle free look. I thought the easiest way to pair with my leopard high cut rubber shoes is a short ( actually what I'm wearing is a shorts,and the front is like skirt) and just a plain white polo.  Of course I still wanted to look sexy and still sophisticated so my polo is actually a see through-lace, and I have paired it inside a white polka dots tube. And just bring it on for some of your gold accessories that can resemble the leopard color.

 I tried my best to stand up properly and pose the right way, but this only I could do, it was not easy to climb up in this rock mountain??? Nobody told me to climb up, it was just for the sake to have cool photo. LOL


 I was actually in hurry after this photo, because its a cliff!!! I never thought too that Tarzan will really pop up on a sudden, that will be insane><
 My 3 years old  PLAYBOY shoes
 What do you think of this look? Well, as for me it is my one of my favorite. Look so chic and sophisticated plus the thing is its effortless. Leopard with a jeans and white top or even black , it could match up! Why not try!

 Boo! I am loving my sunnies of Sunnies by charlie!!! (400 UV).

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