Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Who's girl doesn't love dress? Well, I haven't met one yet! I love dress and all the dress that could be my type. And I just thought, sometimes a dress can be paired with another clothes, for top is just like cardigans, bolero and scarf. For lower could be leggings or stockings. Well, pants too!!! Who say's can't?

As you see from the first photo I had, It is a dress. In this photo, I tucked it in to the pants and have some light pink with gold belt or pants. I used this belt so it would match from the gold accessories I'm wearing.

I was amused that I thought about this thing. I did not imagine that, that dress could be worn with pants! Wearing clothes and adding them to another clothes could be a new look.

I am not really fun of AVON. But this time I liked it!!! My friend let me see a brochure of AVON. Since I love so much bag, then their Goergina Bag catch my attention, because of it color! I call it Gold bag. I really love it so much, from the size to it style just fit me! Sad to say I know the color will fade. It is not expensive bag! I do take care of it since I really love it. I think I could wear it in any outfit.
 "Fashions fade, style is eternal."
— Yves Saint-Laurent

Yes indeed!!! You might be out of fashion idea but hey! Look at your closet and do mix and match, have your style!!!

Outfit Details at ------->  http://lookbook.nu/look/6308345-1-Dress-2-Style

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