Sunday, April 6, 2014


Cigarette is dangerous for your health. According to the Philippine Government. Is it? It is?   What can you say about cigar or tobacco? For non user, thoughts will be negative. For user, its just nothing. What cause people to smoke?   Next month, it'll be my one year of smoking. I am not bragging that "oh Im so cool coz I smoke" neither celebrating coz its one year. No, I'm writing this blog since I got confused, to smoke or not to.   Why I smoke? It was really out of curiosity, what is the feeling to smoke, why does people smoke? Whats with that and why people that I knew are addicted to it. Then I tried, I learned, I used and still using. Problem: curiosity, Solution: tried it, conclusion: out of my curiousity of smoking, from lighting the tip of cigar, inhaling, exhaling, how to puff and throw,I learned then I get the answer. Its nothing. It just made u wanting more, use more, from light cigar to hard cigar, it just made you addicted and like a habit, and its not easy to stop if you can't control.

Back to my confusion, To smoke or not to? Of course non user will be saying not to, its danger for your health, your body's system will be damage, you will be sick, you will die, and all the negativity smoke can give you.Well probably everyone of us will die.   I do not understand, yeah, just like people say smoking is not good it cause damage to your health, but how about those people who doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, but does have illness. Even people who doesn't have any vices still are more life and death problem. Some people at the young age die early not causing a smoke or liquor. What's that?   Sometimes I enjoy myself, relax myself with a liquor, I am still half young half old, but I need to enjoy life, not saying I am enjoying with sticks of cigar or cases of beer but, it is just my thing to relax and enjoy a mean time. of course other people have their own way to relax and enjoy, it is only a matter of different kinds of people.   To smoke or not to? I find reasons "why quit smoke?" and these what I got: 1. Waste of money 2. Lips turn black 3. Dead nails 4. Made me look older 5. Damage my skin 6. Like all people say damage your body.   Reason "why I can't stop" 1. It became a habit(esp. After meal,coz help me to flush out) 2. If I think of something, or if I'm angry, I need, it helps me calm down. 3. Just want.   For the readers, what can you say about the people who does not have any vices yet are ill? But this doesn't mean that better to smoke,no, of course it is only a made me thought of it. Drinking is fine, especially red wine, its good for the heart, drinking occasionally, I think is fine.  

 I also not advertising you to smoke, I know it is better not to smoke, of course, I am not that stupid. But for us smokers, I do try to hit you, believe me or not before I can finish a pack in a day, but now least is 3sticks a day most is 10sticks a day, just maybe since I am a woman, and too conscious   physically, and the reason I find to quit helps me to change.   I can change, it means you too. For non users, don't waste your effort to try or to use, in the end,you will be wasted, just like me.   Thank you for reading. I hope it does help.    

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