Sunday, April 20, 2014

Diet Diet Diet!!!

Diet diet diet diet!!! Most of us gals, we usually say "I need diet, my stomach is big" or "I need diet because I'm so fat" or " I need diet, I gain weight" isn't it? Well, in my case I always say "I need diet because I'm so fat and my stomach is big", though my friends disagree to What I've said, yet in my mind I am fat and needs to have diet.

How could I have a sexy body if I keep eating rice?
Actually since I was 18 years of age, I don't  eat rice, well sometimes I do, but most of the time I don't.
I prefer more meats and vegetables. But then , a year ago I started eating because of my former workers.

Before I do go gym for workout, since I have time for it. Last year, I do home workout, my favorite is jumping rope. Not bragging but doing 600-2000jumps plus some Victoria secrets workout. Oh! I just do love the result, and what I hate is when I stop since I traveled back to Taiwan, got busy and no time.

Since then, I don't have exercise, I keep on eating rice, and bye bye to sexy body. I wanted to get back it once again. There is no impossible as long as you work hard on it ladies!!!(and gents).

I'll do it step by step. Firstly, I want to quite eating rice. I will quit to eat rice, its less big stomach.  I will still eat meat and vegetables.

Let's see the change after one week. Today 4/20/14 my current weight is 54kilo.
after one week, let's see how much I can loose.

I will be posting my daily dairy diet "no rice", it'll help me too to be keep on track in my blog, and for my "no rice" diet.

I want to get my last year body. Are you a body conscious like me?
Let's see how it does work for me, and I hope I could help you if you are body conscious like me.

Later on will be some workout and exercise for fit body.

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