Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Diet fail?(day1)

Its monday, how is your no rice diet? How is my no rice diet today?. I remeber when it talks about diet, me and my friends will always say this sentence " Diet starts on monday"  so probably we start dieting monday but fails when you cant say no to that very delicious food. Sometimes it is just so hard to say "no" to delicous foods right? Back to my question, how was my no rice today?

 It is very embarrasing to say that yes I failed!( I just can't lie about this :( )Yesterday meeting some friends and dining some restaurants, I was able to my "NO RICE DIET", but just this morning, waking up because my stomach is grumbling, seeing my mom's fried rice mixed with meats and egg, oh gosh! I feel so guilty eating it!!! How can I do? That food is just sooo tasty for my grumbling stomach.   Of course I thought of my blog, since I said I won't eat rice to see the result after a week, but it just happen. I feel so guilty and sorry, I failed.

That was my breakfast a cup of tatsy fried rice, my lunch was only noodle, and my snack is a bread, haha! Still fail because rice is just equivalent with bread!  But I ate that because last week I  made egg sandwich spread, I need tp finish it (this might be an excuse:)) and I did not eat my dinner today. Not feeling hungry yet...Yet??!!! It simply means maybe later I'll be hungry and eat. Actually it is fine to eat but not much, just to fill your empty stomach, little ammount will do, it wont make you fat.   Usually if  hungry I do take hot cereals drink. It is better.

Good luck for me tomorrow, no rice! No rice and Yes to ABS!   Are you a body consious? Follow me as I do and share my blog about no rice diet. Step by step before aiming the target body we want, share what is in your mind, I would love to hear from you, 2 is better than one, we help one another, encourage one another! Good luck!

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