Friday, April 25, 2014


Time flies so fast, and today is friday! It was just monday few days ago, then now is friday. Friday, my fifth day of no rice diet. Haha, maybe you thought that I ate rice today, since I didn't eat rice yesterday. Well your right! I did ate 3  spoons of rice and more vegetables( my late dinner)Tbh(to be honest), I was  soooo hungry. Today my brunch was (supposed to be my breakfast) 3  breads  and a cup of coffee.  My snack was (supposed to be my lunch) vegetables.

I was so busy today(which I like), I haven't thought of food. Hahaha!!!   I was busy fixing and arranging my stuffs. Documents, bags, make up and more girl stuffs, I did arrange today, and I found an old picture of my young age!!!(that kiddo is me, do I look cute??)

As we all know, girls or woman has lots of things compare to boys or man. Right? And if us, woman fixed our things, it really takes time. Even choosing clothes what to wear if there is occasion, it takes hours!!!   After I clean my stuffs, I went out to take my dogs for a walk. I got four, so it takes more time.       And still do other stuffs. Who won't be hungry???:'(

At least only 3spoons  of rice and more on vegetables, but I really feel full:). I am happy.

You might think I might be hungry during midnight since I ate little amount of food (That is little for me).   Yes! Sometimes I feel hungry duting late night, but if it does so, I usually eat plain cracker or drink hot chocolate only or ignore it and sleep. But if  I don't feel hungry I don't eat anything at all.

Tomorrow's saturday!!! I wanna go out, but I don't know where will I go, haha I just wanna relax.Tell you about it  tomorrow!!: )

  Are you a body consious? Follow me as I do and share my blog about no rice diet. Step by step before aiming the target body we want, share what is in your mind, I would love to hear from you, 2 is better than one, we help one another, encourage one another! Good luck! How about you? How was your 3rd day of no rice diet? This kind of doing is very challenging, hence I believe I can as long as I control.

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