Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Diet(day2)

Good morning tuesday! This is day 2 daily diary no rice diet. Guess what! I did not eat rice, I am so happy about it! I ate the very healthy food which is the OATMEAL. I love Quaker oats. Back when I was a child, my Mom would always prepare for us her kids, a sweet oatmeal for breakfast before going to school. And now I just remembered we do always have Quaker oats oatmeal in fridge! I just love it because it is quick and conveniet, just for three minutes in the boiling water and voala!

I got my super healthy breakfast!   There are so many benefits oatmeal can give us. Here are some benefits I read from articles about oatmeal.

✔low fat food (lower weight)
✔High level of protein
✔It removes your bad cholesterol w/o affecting your good cholesterol ✔It contains unique anti-oxidant
✔Over 40 studies shows that eating oatmeal may help lower cholesterol and reduce of heart disease. ✔☆ And my favorite one, it is so rich in FIBER. Stays in your stomach longer making you full longer and you will have less hunger and cravings☆

This oatmeal is very good for people who are in no rice diet like me. Well today I feel so great!

How about you? Did you ate rice today?Good luck for me tomorrow, no rice! No rice and Yes to ABS!

Are you a body consious? Follow me as I do and share my blog about no rice diet. Step by step before aiming the target body we want, share what is in your mind, I would love to hear from you, 2 is better than one, we help one another, encourage one another! Good luck!

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