Monday, April 28, 2014


It's Sunday!!!!  And this is my 7th day (1week) daily diary no rice diet!!! I'm so excited to know what is my weight for tomorrow. If I lost weight, or if my weight is still same or if I gain more! What would it be...

Today my brunch was Filipino food which is Pancit with mixed vegetables and pork. It was delicious but I still control my appetite.

I had some junk food for snack.

Most Sundays, I bring dog or dogs for a walk. ( Sometimes I bring 1 or 2 or 4dogs).

Meet Pompom, He is very smart and clever dog. He is my first dog, He was a birthday present to me 3and 3and half years ago. He loves walking with me anywhere because since he was still puppy I bring I'm to any places,  He had ride airplane 3times. He is so outgoing dog! :)

We went out for a walk at I.T Park Cebu. Got some Ice cream from convenient store. I guess
Ice cream was my only dinner. I didn't plan not to eat but I arrived my house at 21:30 and I did not feel hungry.

I will really be surprise if my weight is still same! But I rather want same weight than gain weight!
Tomorrow be posting it!!!

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