Friday, May 2, 2014


Monday!! The 8th day of my no rice diet. I have checked my weight. When I step on the weighing scale and saw my weight, my eyes became big and opening my mouth with a loud voice saying "Whaaaat!!!!!", it is so surprising  knowing that I still got the same weight which is 54kilo.

  I was just shock and smiled. I thought that it is better than gaining more. Maybe nothing change yet since sometimes of the first seven days,  I cheat eating rice. Hahaha! I guess this is a lesson to me.   But hey! I will still be continuing this.

My BMI (Body mass index) is just right. My height is 168cm (5'6") and as you know I am 54kilo (119.04 lbs). Its just right for me.(5'6" for 120lbs-133 small type body). But I wanted to lose the 4kilo. I know I will be under weight, but hey come on! Lool at the models!!! Sorry but for me, being slim(not too skinny) defined as being sexy. Haha!

My friends will always disagree to me, they always say I am  slim already or other will say my body is just fine and right. But I don't know, I  just really wanted to lose little bit... Each person has it's own want or need, likes and dislike and own personalities.  This is me, this is being me. As Nina Chen.

Okay let us proceed my Monday no rice diet. Well my brunch is Quaker oats and hot coffee. Its funny I had it both, they are sweet since I like sweets. I had my apple fruit for snack and dinner! Dinner is vegetables and fruits. I can't not to say I had my midnight snack! I had burger!!! I guess it was not that bad. How have you been doing in your first week?

 Are you a body consious? Follow me as I do and share my blog about no rice diet. Step by step before aiming the target body we want, share what is in your mind, I would love to hear from you, 2 is better than one, we help one another, encourage one another! Good luck! How about you? How was your 3rd day of no rice diet? This kind of doing is very challenging, hence I believe I can as long as I control.

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