Friday, May 16, 2014


We always know the TGIF! Thank God Its Friday!!! I had fun this Friday! Why? I got to eat Shabu-Shabu. Hahaha!!!

My breakfast was only simple, since I woke up at 9:00, Tita, the mother of my bff prepare a breakfast. I just love it because its simple and made my full!!! It is a filipino breakfast! I had a cup of coffee, 4 slices of bread and egg, and a kind of fish which I forgot! But that is not cheap kind! Thanks to Tita and Kuya Adoy for giving me those food!

Before going to Makati for my meeting I drop by at 7-Eleven convenient store and bought tissue because its extremely hot!!! And this I found this Energy drink. I thought I need energy that day, so I tried this kind. It is just small, I did not buy the Red Bull, I think that is for men. So this is small, maybe its for gals. Haha!

Honestly, I was excited to drink it... Taste just sucks!!! I hate it!!! I do not know if it works... I do not usally really drink energy drink, because I know too much is bad. Once in a blue moon only.

I had meeting till 13:00. Then went back to the home of my bff. Hey!!! Manila is so hot!!! The taxi I rode, wtf! Aircon is bit damage, so I need to endure the heat! Since it is so difficult to get taxi that day! Friday.

I did not take any lunch, I was not feeling hungry at all. Is it the effect of the energy drink I take?  Melai(my bff) made a strawberry smoothie for me!!! I like drinking cold, you know it why.

Late afternoon we went to visit our another bff and her new born baby!!! Wait! Is this still no rice diet topic? Haha!!! Anyway, I will just share, why not?

After cooking myself under the heat of the sun, finally we arrived to our bff's home. Guess what!!! I asked her to give us halo-halo first since they have a lot!!! Is that too cruel to ask?
(mixed fruit with ice crash topped with leche flan and ube and poured with milk)

Halo- Halo is very popular here in Philippines, Filipino people usually eat this especially during summer. And I need to introduce our bff and her baby girl. Baby girl is so small. Just same as her mother!!!

Me, Rachelle , Melai and baby Hannah

Me and Baby Hannah

We had our gals talk, and reminiscence of childhood days. Smile and laughter came out. It feels good seeing back again your bff since childhood, and chatting about own life, lot of changes but friendship is still alive. Its good to talk. They always remember you for what you are. Thank you God has given me good best friends.

Me and Melai did not take lunch, so very kind Mommy Ravhelle, she treat us!!! Haha!!! I told them I am at no rice diet stage and wtf!!! I keep on eating rice!!! (well not really keep on eating but sometimes,GUILTY!!!).

What food is easy to order once your hungry? Mcdo is there!!! I had chicken fillet and rice, and ate Melai's fries and had coke float!!! Burp (excuse me^^).

Really??? Will I still lose weigh by this situation??!!!!!><"   No comment...... I will just proceed....

We left there about 17:00 and decide to Robinsons Manila. Well that is the Mall I usually go when I was in Manila. Its near at my condo and its big and all things I need is just there.

Me and Melai love milk tea! So we drop by at Happy Lemon 3rd floor of Robinson Manila.

Happy Lemon (快樂檸檬) Proudly to say originated from Taiwan

So then we had dinner at Healthy Shabu-Shabu, I was craving for it!!! This is where me and my boyfriend and friends usually eat. Just like I told you, Robinson is near to our place and almost everything we need is there.

And..... we order a set of shabu-shabu, this is the only photo I was able to take because... Yes!!! My phone is low batter and I left my power bank!!!><"
Healthy Shabu- Shabu

At least I was able to take photo even its only one!!! I just love my dinner, vegetables, seafood and meat is there. Hey!!! I did not eat rice!!! The set of shabu shabu has vermicelli so I just ate that. I love Shabu-Shabu so much, I think if my food everyday is shabu-shabu, its fine!!! Back then before almost everyday my food was Shabu-Shabu. I just miss my Shabu-Shabu Restaurant!!!

SO!!!! The energy I took was really good!!! From 9:00 up to 2:am I was alive all day!!! Haha!!! I should take that next time again.

after dinner we went back to Melai's home but we had midnight snack! No worries!!! Its only avocado smoothie!!! I was full because of shabu shabu!!!

I think the rice I ate from Mcdo was not bad since we walk for a long time, hahaha!!!!

By then, with in 2 months, I should lose 4kilo!!!!

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