Saturday, May 17, 2014


I cant believe that I still reach day 20!!! Saturday, hmmmm... Nothing special, I am good girl for that day. I was only watching Korean drama entitled "My love from another star". If I watch Korean drama, its either I skip on it like I watch episode the skip another episode or fast forward it, until I wont watch it anymore. But this drama captured me!!! I really watch it seriously!!! Ending is bad though!

I should share what I ate!!! Melai prepared our breakfast, I do not remember if I ate rice but I know I ate bread..(Melai correct me if I'm mistake!!haha!!).

I guess Melai does not need to correct me. I remember yeah I ate rice because of California Maki!!! I ate those California Maki, hotdogs and a cup of hot chocolate and see... And J.CO doughnut.

Thank you Melai for introducing it to me! J. CO doughnut has its special one, the green tea doughnut. Its delicious!

For my dinner (Yes! I did not take lunch, I did not feel hungry anyway and the breakfast was enough for tummy), Kuya Adoy cooked Beef Caldereta.... Filipino style, with this food, there will really be rice!!! Guiltiness was inside me while eating but at the same time felt good because its tasty!!! Haha!! no worries, I didn't eat lots of rice it was only a cup. Promise!!!
Filipino Beef Caldereta

Dirty Pizza for midnight snack  :)

I think what I ate on this day was just enough....  Is it? What do you think? I am still thinking, really??? Am I really on DIET now???!!!! 

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