Thursday, May 15, 2014


The day of my flight to manila. It was so terrible Thursday because of the weather!!! Cebu is just to hot, I guess Manila is more!!!! I was busy cleaning and taking care of my dogs before I leave Cebu. Unlike before I go Manila just for a day or two then back to Cebu. But this time I had no return ticket to Cebu, which means I can stay longer, of course not that long maybe 5 or 6 days only. My brunch was feeling guilty..... I ate rice, hey! A cup of rice only for brunch, I do not know I was so hungry and decided to be tempted by rice. It was only a cup of rice and more on vegetables and a piece of chicken breast.  But the rice is not as much as you think... Okay okay, I know it is still same since I ate rice. But! I can also say there were no other option food to eat:)

I was hurry hurry going to airport, I thought I will be late again. My flight was 20:30 and thank God I arrived 19:30, I only got hand carry so I just had machine check-in of Cebu Pacific Airline. I like that machine, less time waiting in the line. But it only take me less than a minute to check in. ( I didn't online check in.)

The last food I took was about 13:00, who will not be hungry after? So then I was in a hurry hurry mode, after check in I was looking for something to eat. Almost all has rice!!!! Duh!!! I had no other choice for the 100th time. There is Tsim Sha Tsui Mini Restaurant inside Cebu Airport, and I just wanted to digest for tummy. I had only rice toppings(Pork and liver). It does not even taste good... Sacrifice for my roaring stomach. I only had that and a can of coke, it only took me 15 mins to intake everything.  But after I ate , thought terrible for taste.... At least, at least I became full but not satisfied. HAHA

Arriving Manila, I just drank Coke and went to my bff's home. Of course she offered food but I think  I only had hot coffee and piece of bread and chocolate. No worries all of that are like food test size!!! Except for the coffee!! :)

I only had that and went bed.

That time I have not thought of anything but about food. Of course I thought of my daily diary no rice diet. I do not know why my mind turns to food!!!!
I was scared to gain weigh, but I still told myself that I could still eat anything I wanted but little amount would do, as long as I can taste the food.

I am with my bff which is a food tripper!!! Come on!!!

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