Saturday, May 17, 2014


White and Blue

I think I need to introduce to you first who Melai is. Well as you know she's my bff. A very friendly person and she always make a joke or she will always make fun to a person. She is very outdoor person. Isn't it Mel? She is very intelligent too and you can learn much things from her (do I really need to say this?hahaha!!!). Not only that, she is a food tripper(but body fit), sporty and much activity she join.
One thing she really like, I guess its Mountain Climbing, various mountain and places she went. I just love you Melai!!! One call and your always available for me!!! The only person who is always there especially in times that I need console. HAHAHA!!!! (Feel happy mel?!!!). Anyway, you might ask if she is single... YES!!!  Why? IDK. Hahaha!!! So much about you! this blog is about food dude! Love yah melai :)

We went to The Fort, this place is just similar with Taiwan. I can say that this is a class place to live. Since its new, it is not really crowded yet unlike Makati City. Well, basically Makati is class too with tall buildings and good malls, but hey! The Fort is way much better than Makati!

First drop at Cupcakes store. Malai ask me if I like cupcakes, well of course!!! So she suggest to me this place. 

Red Velvet and Candy Vanilla Cupcake

After strolling around at the park and mall we had our dinner inside SM AURA. The Yabu House of Katsu.

 Grind it
 I love you Salmon
Seafood Katsu Set
Salmon, Black Tiger Prawn, Crab, Oyster
Served with unlimited Japanese white rice or brown organic rice,
Miso soup, Japanese Pickles, organic cabbage with your choice of dressing,
and a bowl of fruits.
Menchi Katsu Set
Authentic Japanese minced meat, made with superior groud beef and pork,
mixed together with Yabu's special spices, and stuffed with creamy cheese,
Served with unlimited Japanese white rice or brown organic rice,
Miso soup, Japanese Pickles, organic cabbage with your choice of dressing,
and a bowl of fruits.

We had great dinner, oh! I ate the Seafood Katsu set, but believe me or not, I did not finish it all. The Japanese white rice was not even a cup, and I did not finish it too. I was so full. Burp.. :) I recommend this for food trippers!!! Delicious and price are reasonable.

Here are some Photo that I took while we were strolling around. Sorry Some is not so clear.

 This view is from SM AURA
 SM Aura's Church

One thing I went Manila is also to eat the best Shawarma Center there. The following day is my returning flight to Cebu. So after SM Aura we directly go to SHAWARMA SNACK CENTER at Salas street Mabini. Its walking distance from Robinsons Malate. 

Why I really wanna go there? No. 1 is the food!!! The only one!!! The best Shawarma over 30 years of business! Shawarma, with its full meat and veggies plus the tasty spicy sauce!!! I just love it!!! Another thing is it is very memorable place to me. Its a Family friend, my Mom used to work there as a Manager, and Tita Amina, The owner is just so kind- heart person and very loving Mother. I celebrated also my birthday there when I was young, and many more. Such memories I can't forget.

Its so sad, I was not able to meet Tita Amina, She's at Paranaque branch. And since I am full I just bought 3 Special shawarma take out.

I only able to take this photo's.

If you want best shawarma in Town, I will only recommend this place!!! I am craving right now!!!!

Credits to Melai for bringing taking me at The Fort