Saturday, May 17, 2014


I was in Manila so I can not really celebrate Mothers day with my own mom. So instead, I celebrate it with Melai's mom. I woke up so late so I only had my brunch, I  did not feel hungry anyway so I just had a cup of coffee and bread for brunch!!! About 16:00 we went to Christian church and attend Sunday meeting. It was good and funny!!!

Of course it finish after 2 hours, so we decide to eat dinner just near by the Church. I love it!!! I love my food!
Beef Phad Thai Noodle
I so love this
(Melai can't wait she took the other 1)

(I did not eat all since its full of potato, no banana!!I hate it)
I just like this because it is something sweet

We meet our other friend and when we arrived Melai's home we had............\

Patron XO CAFE

Sweet Green Mangoes
I don't really eat this but I like this, its sweet!

We were just chatting and chilling in the house, I was so actually full while we were drinking and eating at the same time. Haha!! But no one got drunk, just we take it slow...

Avocado Smoothie

Melai just love me, since I told her that I am sooooo thirsty and wanna eat ice cream. she said she will just make avocado smoothie. Why not? at least no need to go out and buy ice cream!!!

Tita, would you ever know I post this?
Well, Thank you for treating me noodle!!! :)

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