Sunday, May 18, 2014


This is my Tuesday daily diet no rice diary... Time flies so fast and this is the day I fly back Cebu. First and first of all, I will be missing PUPUNG, he is my bff's poodle. Oh, how I just really love him!!! And I took us photo for memory. He is friendly to me:)

Me and Cute Cute Cute Pupung

I am missing him so much right now:( When I go back Manila I must really meet him again. 

Early in the morning I was not really feeling well, I do not understand if it is because my ulcer trigger again?
You have ulcer? Yes!!! But I am fine already. I was still in elementary days when I got that. Anyway, Early in the morning I was not really feeling well and I feel so cold so I went down and lie down at sofa making myself sweat. I vomited three times but about every hour interval. I was really so sick. I was thinking, that day is my flight, can I walk properly since I was slouching while walking?, what if I vomit?, what will happen to me in the sky??!!!!SO I was just really praying that I will be alright and I can. After about 6 hours of agonizing the pain, I was fine. WHEW!!!

I can not really eat much since I do not want to eat, so I drank coffee and other hot cereals which I also vomit it all! But after I eat cup noodles, I was fine!!! I think my stomach wants something food? But I do not have any appetite before that. But important I was fine and I was able to catch the flight.

At the airport I was still able to buy some snack, since I was craving food. I had Banana Bread only.

Arriving at Cebu, all I was thinking is about food!!!! Hahaha!!! Am I really on DIET??!!! Well I deserve to eat since I was so sick during morning:)

I make sure that I will be satisfied, so I decide to eat a place which I have not tried yet. 

 Spice Fusion Restaurant

 Tom Yang Kung

Tom Yang Kung (Seafood)

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Pan Fried Chive Dumpling

I was not able to finish, of course its too many. But to be honest I do not recommend this food I ordered. I do not know what about the other food if it taste good or bad. But I will definitely not come back here. Sorry, but it is not really good, taste is a bit weird.

There was Mooshi nearby so I went and ordered mooshi in a bowl for my dessert. I LOVE IT!!!!! Not only being detox smoothie but it is so healthy. I was even feel better eating this!!!! I just love Mooshi!!!!

My friends say, "will you still do diet? You might be sick again! No need diet since your body figure is just really right!"

I told them that, I am still good with foods. Check my blog and there are lots of food I keep on posting!!! I even ask myself if am I really on Diet? LOL!

But, to think, yes I eat but it is not as much as you thought. I eat just enough. I may eat a lots of different food but the amount is just little.

I can do it lose 4kilo in 2 months!! AJA!!!

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