Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hello everyone!!! Anyone still up here? I came back from Manila last Tuesday afternoon. I was really so busy and do not have time to write entry for this blog. Forgive me!!! But recently I have been eating good food... I think it is fine since I torture myself eating oatmeal for almost 2 or 3 weeks I guess, so I thought why not reward myself with succulent foods.

Tuesday... Uhmm.. I have bad memory><" . I can't remember what I ate , but pretty sure I ate something, I hate this thing, this happens if I did not take photo or did not write and post my daily entry. Forgive me but I was busy back then because Thursday was flight to Manila. *Tuesday fail* (taking photo before meal is a must for food blogger, that is what I learned)

I am going to Wednesday diet day 17. From this I can say I remember because I took photo. I had no breakfast. It was about lunch time when I went to SM Mall Cebu, bought something there and finding some stuffs. Then I decide to take my brunch. I took some fruit shake. There is MANGO FARM, it is a shake shop but their main fruit for shake is Mango, it is tasty for me, I thought it might not be good to drink but of course I would want to try, then I bought the Mango shake with peach juice and peach and have some nata coco inside and some other fruit. It is like smoothie though but hmmmmm I love it for the hot weather!!!

I thought I wanna eat Udon!!! So I went to Rai- Rai Ken a Japanese Restaurant. This restaurant is not that good compare to Nonki or Izakaya Goku or Kagura. Then why I went to eat here? I was so hungry and I was at the floor of this restaurant, I had no choice, I just wanted to simply eat.

I ordered Seafood Udon and 3 Gyoza, not being thrifty but If I order much I know I will be wasting. I am a person who loves to look food and buy a lot but waste after because I do not eat it. Just want to look on it. So little by little I try to minimize buying foods, just I think enough, if it lack then I will just buy.

The Seafood Udon was not that bad, I think its fine ( or maybe I was just so hungry^^). 3 gyoza was just really enough. 

I met my long-time no see friend so we had dinner at La Maison Rose Restaurant. La Maison is also known as Pink House Restaurant. First thing when I went in is their totally pink place! It was an old house converted to a restaurant. Guess what attract us when we sat down. They use IPad for their menu. Isn't that cool? I find it cool, and you can see the price of your orders. I Was not able to take photo because my phone has only 5% of battery. That sucks!!!! So I just make sure that I can take photo of the foods that we order. 

Complimentary French Bread

Complimentary Squash Soup with 2 kinds of french bread

Squash Soup

I had great dinner because of the food really taste good! But damn my phone is low battery much it can't take photo of the pink house.

This is entry is late but I am glad there was no rice on my meal!!! It felt good.

By the way, La Maison Rose is located along Gorordo Ave. near the LDS(Mormon) Temple in Lahug, Cebu City. They are open from 12nn to 3pm for lunch and 6:30pm to 1:00am for dinner. You can call them at 032-2685411 for inquiries and reservations.

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