Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Wednesday... This day was full of blessings! Haha, My aunt from Japan and her Husband from other country visit to our house (just to pick up my Mom). It was so quick and the only thing I was able to tell her was Cake and Ice cream for my birthday. Haha! I was just trying to make fun at her. But  she really bought me those!!! But of course, I only ate a slice of hmmmmm chocolate cake and a cup of ice cream. I felt good!!! My aunt just simply love me and can't say no to me:). I am so blessed.

So okay here is my brunch.. My mother cooked this clam. It is yummy! In Taiwan I always eat my favorite clam. I can finish alone one big bowl. Just a sautee cook. Oh!! I miss that!!! Okay, so this was my brunch.
Clam soup

Yes, that was only my lunch and after I got the cake and ice cream for dessert. Of course I ate a little cracker.

From La Maison Rose (FISH)

My dinner was from take out. I just forgot the name of this fish. It does not have any taste at all. Its the vegetables gives you taste when you combine it with the fish. Not bad, but I do not like. But I thought, its fine because its healthy!

Oh I also ate carbonara!!!! hehehehe. But I am sorry I forgot to take photo since the carbonara catch my eyes and nose and mouth. 

I had it all those. It is good for me. Not much not less. And after... I try to scale my 
weigh.... I will be discussing it on my next entry!!! I lose weight!!! I am happy!!!

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