Thursday, June 5, 2014


I do not know how to start... The last post I had for my diet was 20th of May. And just now 5th of July I come back. I really feel so bad that I did not post for quite long time, forgive me for saying that I will be posting everyday yet I failed again. I've lost my diet and I became too busy. I only took photos of some of my meals because I planned to write it on here, yet I still fail. I will not be promising because these coming month I will be still busy, but will still try my best to write on my blog.


For about 16 days that I did not write for my blog... I was cheating and enjoying the food I intake. In my mind, I am supposedly be on no rice diet, but sometimes, especially this time I get to busy, I need to feed myself so my brain will be functioning...I lost... I lost track of my diet.

But I am a woman who wants to pursue this goal. I will not stop unless I lost that 4 kilo! I wont give up!

My blog from the 1st day till the 24th day, I did lost weight of 2 kilo. Why? No.1 I am less busy, No.2 I do really eat less No.3 writing that topic for my blog. Writing in my blog which really helps me to lose weight. Because I need to write what I eat and readers will be reading it, I need to be conscious about it!

The funny thing is I gain 1 kilo since the time I was not able to write and post on my blog.  Keeping me busy, makes me hungry and no time to write. How I wish I could try my best to write!!!

I met a new friend today. My sister introduce me to her. I was just so impressed to know that she is a model. Probably she must have good body, and yes! I saw it with my naked eye she got the body and the looks, but it was hard to believe that she was fat or chubby before. 3 months she did not eat rice! Well that is why she lost weigh and got a body of a model, she goes to gym too! ( I need that!!!).

I was inspired by her, so I think If she can, I can too!! Though my body is just right but I really wanted to lose that 4 kilo.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be lookin sexy? Well I too! Let's encourage and help one another to take away those fats in our body!!!

I wont stop until I lose that 4 kilo!!!!!