Friday, June 6, 2014


Every now and then, riding motor for me is very convenient. Since I am still residing here in Cebu Philippines until now, I have this baby scoopy wherever I go. So convenient! No traffic for me! Nevertheless it is still dangerous. So no matter how fast or slow I drive I make sure I drive safe. Safety first!!!

If I go to somewhere, like malls or meeting friends or going party, I make sure I dress up! It is not bad to commercialize being chick riding motor right? No, actually I love dressing up, so that is the reason why my friends call me as Fashionista. They knew me well, that every time I meet them, they know already my style the way I put on clothes.

It was daytime and its really sunny day. So I wanted to wear this metallic golden textured pouf skirt and pair it with my yellow skull stud top. Since I drive motor and too sunny, I wore it with see through black stockings just to protect my legs from sunlight and I wore my cardigan to protect my arms. After then I do not need cardigan when the sun is setting. So this look is chick for me since I drive/ ride on my motor. Keeping my skin protected from the UV rays too.

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  1. Hi Nina, I would like to invite you in joining our club. We only have 2 girls in our club and it would be better if you'll join us. :D